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Dr. Pace's Acamania is your place to get syllabi, handouts, study guides, and exercises on a 24/7 basis. The links above will take you to course syllabi and other documents that contain links to other related materials for an individual course. The study guide links take you to a menu listing individual study guides for lecture courses. For workshop forms, such as individual project sheets, self-evaluation forms, and project hand-ins, click on the buttons above. You are welcome to visit any link.

What's New?

Notices below were updated 10/16:

COEM 232 -  Begin working on edit project 2.

COMM 331 - Presentations this week.

COMF 353 - Work on film biographies.

COMM 496 - Keep up your reading.

Make sure to check Canvas . Go to the calendar.


Student Media Central is looking to hire two positions:

- Marketing/Promotions director

- Online News Manager

These positions have a stipend each semester and are excellent opportunities for experience.  Apply now in the Communication office.

Time to apply for EU Films for the spring!

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